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Thanks so much for your interest in purchasing the film Freedom on the Fence. Individual and institutional copies of the film are now available through CD Baby and digitial downloads are available through IndieReign. Click on the purchase link to the left for more information. Thanks so much for your support!

Andrea Marks
Producer/Co-Director, Freedom on the Fence 

Freedom on the Fence is a 40 minute documentary about the history of Polish posters and their significance to the social, political and cultural life of Poland. The film examines the period from WWII through the fall of Communism, and captures the paradox of how this unique art form flourished within a Communist regime. 

The documentary contains interviews with older and younger generations of poster artists, examples of past and current poster work, historic and current film footage of where and how the poster is viewed, and commentaries from both American and Polish scholars and artists on the significance of the Polish poster as a cultural icon. 

Freedom on the Fence has been screened at several film festivals and was shown at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, as part of an exhibit of Polish posters.  

Andrea Marks is happy to present the film with a lecture at your venue. Interested parties are encouraged to use the Contact form to reach her. 

Produced by Andrea Marks
Directed by Glenn Holsten and Andrea Marks