A note from producer Andrea Marks

I am often asked, Why Poland? I became interested in Polish posters in 1998, when my colleague, Anka Kolodziej, and I received a grant from Oregon State University to work on an exchange project with students from OSU and The Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts. This project lead to my fascination with Polish posters and I began to consider ways in which I could collaborate with Polish artists on a project. A film documentary seemed to be the best way to capture the extraordinary stories of the artists, with the visual power and beauty of the posters. 

In November 1998, Independent filmmaker Glenn Holsten, Anka and I traveled to Poland to meet with artists, curators, teachers and collectors. This initial pre-production trip was very successful and exciting for everyone involved. The artists we spoke with were very enthusiastic about our project and all of them felt there was a great need for this important piece of Polish history to be documented on film. 

In July 2002, Glenn, videographer Jeff Hino and I interviewed artists, curators, and poster dealers in Warsaw and Cracow, including a rare interview with the undisputed master of the Polish School of Posters, Henryk Tomaszewski. While in Warsaw, we screened and selected rarely seen archival footage that will bring life to the powerful stories gathered in our interviews. Such footage includes dramatic scenes of post war Warsaw, imagery of posters on the streets of Poland in the 50s 60s and 70s, and scenes of the classrooms and studios of Polish poster artists. 

Now that the project is completed, I am thrilled that this story which I found so fascinating 11 years ago is finding an international audience.


The documentary is being produced for a general public television audience. The film may be of particular interest to Polish Americans (there are over 6.5 million persons of Polish ancestry living in the United States), as well as the general public interested in art/design history, cultural history and politics. The documentary is also available for purchase to individuals, high schools, colleges and universities, and can be used in art/design history, cultural studies and history curricula. The film is also a great supplement to an exhibit of Polish posters. See purchase link for cost details.